Monday, January 18, 2010

A new take on a dress from ties

Nina said she was inspired by this site (thank you!), and made this gorgeous dress.
She even won second place in a recycled fashion contest!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Woven chair seat

"Un-tie" Chair, by Peter Raphael Russo (2009)
Walnut, birch plywood, neckties

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wearable Ties

Christine's dress, as seen on Kira's Crafty Life

Woven bodice dress by Denise Applegate-Schober

I adore this one, but couldn't find any information about it other than it's linked (in a goodgle search) with I'll Fly AwayI later found the image on Flickr.
The photographer's sister Alison made the dress.
She says, "The main part of the dress was made from a pattern and then the flounce was replaced with a collection of ties. Dress itself has invisible zipper in the back and is fully lined and has light boning. I collected the ties in shades of blues to match the main part of the dress.The fabric was a roll end which was going cheap"


More Quilt Designs

Necktie Quilts.
Click on highlighted text for more information

Art Quilt by Jana Morgan.She describes it as "men's neckties, hand-dyed fabrics, thread and yarn on canvas"
and "This piece is made up mostly of men's neckties that I wove into a thick fabric, hand-stitched together with other hand-dyed fabrics, cut into squares, reconstructed into a grid, stitched to canvas and drew over with machine stitching. I invested months of meandering, free-associative stitching into this painting / crazy quilt. Both the long process and the final form reflect my personal response to / map of the flows and restrictions of everyday life (daily driving) in Los Angeles"

"Tied to Thad", String Quilt by Martha Herbert

Striped ties quilt by Cheryl Gerhart

Quilt from her boyfriend's ties, by Feng Shui by Fishgirl

"Leo's Ties of a Life", as posted on Offenburger

Unique pattern (click on image to enlarge) that was in a quilt show in Hemet, 2008, called "Preacher Bill's Ties", by Glenda Alexander (I saw it posted on Threads in Time)

Memory Quilt by Donna Sinrud


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photoshop Ops

From a Photoshop contest a couple of years ago, featured on Freaking News.


"Toward the Threadbare"

I totally screwed up and forgot to post this while it was current.
I so apologize.
The photographs, however, are still inspirational.

An art installation using ties appeared at the Janice Charach Epstein Gallery in West Bloomfield, Michigan, October 17 through December 17 of last year.

San Francisco artist Isaac Amala contacted me about the exhibition, saying it was a collaborative effort featuring new sculptural installations by himself and artist Liz Simpson.
I posted about another of their installations previously.

He said, "Neckties, idiosyncratic in design and personality, are normally viewed independently of one another.
As cultural objects, they bring to mind the world of professionalism, formality, conservatism and business.
In our current body of work, we examine the necktie as formal material rather than formal wear.
While we don't necessarily aim to strip the ties of their popular associative weight, or their distinct, secret histories, we seek to better understand and ultimately reveal their properties.
Organized into gradients, the neckties become agents of the painting process.
As building blocks, they function much like tapered pixels - bridging micro- and m
acro-narratives, embracing the tension between the individual parts and the sum total. Our collaborative practice continues to develop site-specific configurations - exploring numerous architectural, physical and psychological intersections that our matierals and each new space present."

You can read more about the artist's work on their blog, issac & liz.

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