Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Make a purse from neckties

I have another blog that is devoted to making purses.
Every two months or so, I post a challenge and ask readers to make a bag according to a theme.
There's no prize involved or anything, it's just for fun.
Too, my aim is to get people to think outside the box, to try new skills, new textures, new materials.

The current challenge is to make a purse using neckties.
I will be posting a lot of ideas.
More information at The Purse Project.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dye eggs with Silk Neckties

Since it's almost Easter, I thought I'd repost about Necktie Eggs (original post from my Woof Nanny blog)

Vintage Lilac posted about this idea from Martha Stewart.
There's a video tutorial on Martha (if it doesn't link, search "Silk-Tie Easter Eggs")
Monogram Momma also has a tutorial.

I got together with my friend Jen, and we dyed Easter Eggs using pieces of silk neckties.
Silk Tie Eggs
It was so much fun unwrapping the fabric packages to see what magic was inside!
Definitely an oohs and aahs moment.

Look at the lily!
Eggs detail

Three of the eggs didn't color, because one tie was polyester (oops), and the other two were hand-marbled designs in swirled colors. Perhaps somehow the colors had been permanently set, so the design didn't transfer.
Pretty Eggs

We'll have to find ways to best wrap the eggs, because where the fabric folds or pleats, the egg remains white.
It was really easy though, really fun, and we'll definitely do it again next year!
More eggs detail

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