Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tie the Knot

Season 12, Episode 4 of Project Runway featured clothing sewn with neckties!
The challenge presented to the Project Runway designers was to use bow ties as inspiration, and to incorporate at least one tie into their design.

This episode was sponsored by Tie the Knot, an organization founded by actor Jesse Ferguson and his husband Justin Makita.
Tie the Knot advocates for gay marriage.
The organization name plays on the double meaning of tying a bow tie, with the euphemism of "tying the knot" in marriage.
They release a seasonal collection of neckties "to advocate for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans throughout the United States and to look damn good while doing it."
(Jesse shown here with PR's mentor, Tim Gunn)

This is what the designer's came up with in the one-day challenge:

Bradon's halter top was the winner of this challenge
Alexander's design featured a fancy collar
Dom's dress had a fun bodice embellishment (as well as hair styled in a bow)

 Kate's outfit played on the curved shape of a bow tie

Justin's dress also acknowledged the untied bow tie's shape

Karen used the tie as an edging detail

The judges weren't fans of Sue's design

You can view all the 13 designer's entries on Project Runway's "rate the runway" page
There is a zoom feature to better see construction details.

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