Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Toward the Threadbare"

I totally screwed up and forgot to post this while it was current.
I so apologize.
The photographs, however, are still inspirational.

An art installation using ties appeared at the Janice Charach Epstein Gallery in West Bloomfield, Michigan, October 17 through December 17 of last year.

San Francisco artist Isaac Amala contacted me about the exhibition, saying it was a collaborative effort featuring new sculptural installations by himself and artist Liz Simpson.
I posted about another of their installations previously.

He said, "Neckties, idiosyncratic in design and personality, are normally viewed independently of one another.
As cultural objects, they bring to mind the world of professionalism, formality, conservatism and business.
In our current body of work, we examine the necktie as formal material rather than formal wear.
While we don't necessarily aim to strip the ties of their popular associative weight, or their distinct, secret histories, we seek to better understand and ultimately reveal their properties.
Organized into gradients, the neckties become agents of the painting process.
As building blocks, they function much like tapered pixels - bridging micro- and m
acro-narratives, embracing the tension between the individual parts and the sum total. Our collaborative practice continues to develop site-specific configurations - exploring numerous architectural, physical and psychological intersections that our matierals and each new space present."

You can read more about the artist's work on their blog, issac & liz.

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Anonymous Gentleman Joe said...

And I thought all people did with old ties was make quilts. Impressive work.

July 1, 2010 at 9:47 PM  

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